Featured Canadian Business: Pampas and Reed

Featured Canadian Business: Pampas and Reed

Pampas and Reed

(Alberta, CA)

They are a small business specializing in hair and body products where they believe that luxury is not just in packaging, but also in the ingredients and processes.

They use all natural ingredients to develop their body and hair care products and they do their best to choose organic ingredients and local suppliers among choosing sustainable packaging that can be repurposed. All their products that contain oils are almost always infused with botanical herbs to reap the wholesome benefits of herbs and oils together. These oils infuse for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

Featured Product: Soften Bath Tea

All tea blends their tea blends are mixed with organic botanicals and combined with epsom salt. They do not use any essential oils in this collection, and all smells are naturally derived from the herbs.
What makes their tea soaks different from others? Not only do they use organic herbs, but they also have a higher ratio of herbs than epsom salt.

Soften bath tea can be used to help temporarily relieve dry skin to make it feel soft and hydrated again. This blend of herbs helps as an anti-inflammitory, reduce irritation, provide antioxidants, and even help boost collagen production. Combined with the benefits of epsom salt, it can help soften the skin.

Each order of their Bath Tea will include one reusable muslin bag for easier clean up after.


Source: Pampas and Reed

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