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Featured Canadian Business: B KIND


(Quebec, CA)

At BKIND, they offer all-natural, plant-based, vegan, eco-friendly beauty and skin care products made in Quebec. Each product is carefully developed. From ingredients to packaging, they choose the best options for you, your skin and the environment.

Over the years, they have implemented new practices to always be kinder! 2% of their sales are always donated to a different shelter or organization helping animals. They have introduced biodegradable products in their range to offer more eco-responsible swaps for daily care products. They also recently introduced Ocean Bound plastic into our packaging. Some of their tubes and bottles are made with recycled plastic collected in risky areas, located less than 200 km from ocean shores and waterways, to help reduce the number of plastic waste in our oceans.

Natural Lip balm

Featured Product: Berries Lip Balm

Sensitive and delicate, your lips are quickly affected by outside aggressions such as weather changes, so they need a little help to stay soft and well moisturized. This lip balm will create a protective barrier against further cracking and will give long-term hydration to your lips. As it does not contain any water, it is very rich and nourishing. A little goes a long way! This lip balm will leave a fruity scent and a wonderful glossy finish on your lips. 

Source: B KIND

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