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Featured Canadian Business: Anita Ko Organics

Anita Ko Organics

(Ontario, CA)

Anita Ko Organics is an artisan line of natural inspired bath and beauty products. Formulated only with pure, raw, aromatic and sustainable organic ingredients to for giving you a radiant body, mind and spirit.

Product Highlight: Rose Organic Lip Balm

Blended with certified pure Bulgarian Rose Otto and premium oils, this lip butter provides all the benefits for deep-hydrating your lips, with a romantic pink rose scent.


Source: Anita Ko Organics website


Anita Ko Organics is one of the first brands to trust Kay Inay with their products and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. From the moment I saw this company, I have already known that I want them to be a part of our gift boxes. Their use of natural and sustainable organic ingredients perfectly aligns to our intention of promoting sustainability. It is also such a pleasure to do business with Anita. I’ve only had wonderful experience with her company. I look forward to including more of their products in our gift boxes.




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