Featured Canadian Business: Alternate Route Coffee Co.

Alternate Route Coffee Co.

(Alberta, CA)

Founded in 2017 in Leduc, Alberta, by partners Ian & Kellie Wahl, Alternate Route Coffee Co. is built on a foundation of passion, commitment, and partnership.

Their passion to explore the world of coffee, challenge what they know, and push the boundaries on what they currently believe is possible, both in coffee and in life. Their commitment is to create a special product that honors the work of coffee producers and fairly compensates them for their efforts. They focus on building partnerships that extend beyond simple transactions, and instead focus on working together to achieve common goals, and creating a better life for those around us.

Featured Product: Colombia Planadas - Dark Roast

This fully washed coffee is grown at 1850-1950 masl in the Planadas region of Tolima, Colombia. Tasting notes include sweet cacao with hints of stone fruit and raisins.


Source: Alternate Route Coffee Co.

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