Rain DLX II (Treats)

Rain DLX II (Treats)

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Treat someone to all things yummy with our Rain gift box filled with deliciousness.

Packaged in an open wooden gift box, tied with a satin ribbon and includes a complimentary greeting card.

Inside the box:

Pop the Champagne Popcorn (Eatable)

Clean white kernels of whole grain popcorn are kettle-popped, then coated in a smooth, premium Belgian white chocolate infused with natural Champagne extract. They're then sprinkled with sugar crystals that literally "POP" in your mouth for a sensory-filled snacking experience like no other! 

Dark Chocolate Chunk with Smoked Pecans (Real Treat)

Brown butter cookie with premium dark chocolate chunks and smoked pecans

Vanilla Bean Shortbreads (Provisions Food Co.)

Classic Vanilla Bean Shortbreads are made with creamery butter and real vanilla beans. Crumbly and decadent, they're a wonderful treat any time of the day.

Maple Black Tea (Grow Tea)

Real Canadian Maple black tea. Ideal tea for a dark rich flavour with a lighter mouthfeel.

Creamed Raw Honey (Wendell Estate Honey)

140g carry-on-sized gourmet raw honey. Silky-smooth soft set honey in a beautiful re-purposable Japanese glass jar. Raw. Kosher. Halal.

Coffee Caramel Skinny Chocolate Bar (Colleen’s Chocolate)

Caramelized chocolate and coffee from Alternate Route Coffee - using their Almond Butter & Jelly - a blend of Brazilian and Ethopian coffee. 

Gummy Candy (Candy Fix)

Japanese Cheesecake Chocolate (Alicja Confections)

Japanese Cheesecake is a 28% white chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is sublet and delicious. Unique and soft Japanese cheese cake is mixed in with the chocolate making it fluffy and sweet.

Himalayan Pink Salt Popped Lotus Seeds (Sacred Snacks)

The lotus seeds are hand picked, popped in small batches and roasted to perfection using natural seasonings and olive oil. This divine superfood is packed with protein and vitamins so you can indulge in snacking while still feeling nourished.


*We reserve the right to substitute products, of equal or greater value.