Maria (Recharge)
Maria (Recharge)
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Maria (Recharge)

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Recharge with our Maria gift box, filled with products to help you get that good rest. Packaged in a wooden box, wrapped with a satin ribbon and includes a complimentary greeting card.

Inside the box:

Sea Kelp Serenity Bath Soak (Bathorium)

This soak has the highest concentration of french sel de mer, dead sea mud and organic sea kelp. Sea kelp naturally calms the skin from inflammation while therapeutic lavender and bergamot essential oil balance and restore.

• Magnesium Oil (So Luxury)

Magnesium Oil is for use at the end of the day to promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing through massage.  Apply before bedtime to the neck and shoulder area, lower back, legs or even the bottoms of your feet.

Organic Nile Chamomile Tea (Grow Tea)

This organic chamomile plant is from some of the most nutrient rich soils on the planet. This herb comes from the Nile River Delta, where natural flooding happens annually. This flooding gives mass amounts of nutrients to the soil and in turn the chamomile.

Aromatic with floral flavour.

Lavender Eye Pillow - Lavender (Samyoga)

Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillows are the perfect addition to your yoga practice and self care routine. Use your eye pillow at the end of yoga practice and before sleep. 
The weight of the eye pillow will soothe tired eyes and the scent of lavender has a naturally relaxing effect.  Eye pillows can be used at room temperature, heated in the microwave, cooled in the freezer & refreshed with your favourite essential oils. 
  • Filled with flaxseeds & dried lavender flowers.
  • Outer cover is removable
  • Machine wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. 

Mini Dried Floral Arrangement (The Social Florist)