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Inside the box:

 • Chai Latte Home and Linen Spray* (Essentials by Nature)

This Chai Latte Linen & Body spray is a customer favorite and one that gets requests for year round! This creamy blend has layer after layer of enticement, starting with savory nutmeg and Indian Chai unfolding into a heart of true cinnamon stick, finishing with a rich and creamy vanilla base.

*spray nozzle included

Aromatic Drinking Chocolate (Real Treat Kitchen)

Certified organic drinking chocolate with subtle aromatics that enhance the richness of the dark chocolate

• Spiced Pecan Shortbread (Real Treat Kitchen)

Gluten-free cookie so delicious, buttery, sweet, aromatic, and just as uncompromising a treat.

Tuscan Road Trip Snack Mix (Laid Back Snacks)

This scrumptious mix was inspired by a healthy hunger for adventure. Explore new horizons with all the goodness of super-berries, mighty nuts, and delicious dark chocolate. Almonds help build and maintain strong bones, while cherries are considered a great source of dietary fibre. And let's not forget, dark chocolate is linked to 40+ health benefits. Happy travels!

Holly Jolly Mug (Harman)