Let's Talk Packing and Shipping Supplies

Let's Talk Packing and Shipping Supplies

At Kay Inay, we believe sustainability is not only based in the materials we use but also shown in the processes we adhere to.

We have no shame in admitting that we reuse supplies from the packages we receive. We have 100% recycled Kraft paper set aside for shipping box fillers. The thing is, up to this date of writing, the huge roll of it remains unused. 

We reuse a lot, like really a lot. So when you see bubble wraps, peanuts or any other fillers in your shipping boxes, chances are, they are from the packages we received.

The supplies we use in the gift box itself is a different story. We have outlined what we currently use in our “About the Company” page. We work hard to source products made with recycled content, if not, we make sure that they are recyclable and/or easily reusable.

Our ways may not be perfect, and we still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability. But I believe that every step towards it counts, even baby steps.






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