Let us tell you a story...

We have a story to share on why we got inspired on doing a feature for the Canadian brands/businesses we work with. We received a personal message telling us how she was able to learn about a Canadian maker through our instagram post. It made her look the company up and eventually made a purchase from them. With just one post, we made an impact to that person to support a local business. We want to use that to bring more awareness to the people around us on how amazing these Canadian brands are. Like seriously over the top amazing!

There’s still soooo many brands we want to work with that align with our values and vision. But resources-wise, we can only handle so much. That’s why we can’t wait to grow the business further so we can showcase more Canadian businesses in our gift boxes. So while we wait on that, we will do our best to bring more attention to our Canadian makers and suppliers - thus the blog. 

We want to let you know that we are serious in our commitment in supporting local.




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